Our Service

The company offers a full range of services, from structural design to processing-production, to painting and printing to product packaging and
so on, so customers do not have to spend too much energy and time in different links to face different suppliers.

  • Structural Design

    Once the appearance design of the model is completed, we can complete the follow-up of design structural aspects. Long-term on-site production experience makes our structural design easier to be realized, it avoids such problem that the design is too idealistic and cannot be produced.

  • Model Making

    We are best at the appearance model, prototype and small batch production. We have been in pursuit of making the most perfect model, owning FANUC system processing center, Japan Iwata spray gun, Musashi paint and more importantly, experienced practitioners.

  • Automatic Design

    For some simple assembly line operations, automation equipment can solve the problem of slow labor efficiency and high error rate, which save labor costs for the enterprise and significantly reduce the reject ratio. Customers only tell us their needs, we will finish all from the design to the automated production.

  • ABS Material

    Independent production of high-quality ABS material. Do mass customization production for the packaging materials, springs, complete sets of wiring harness and a variety of tape and aluminum foam. Undertake customer orders from home and abroad.

  • Dynamic Models

    Models on the show sometimes need to give the dynamic presentation about product in the actual use, which makes the product more intuitive and vivid to be understood the operation of the product by the audience. Dynamic models need to go through mapping, modeling, production, internal metal parts assembly, circuit design, dynamic programming, assembly, post-processing then it can be presented to the audience.

  • Diversied Scope of Business

    Prototype, small scale production, non-standard parts processing, jig processing, sheet metal, vacuum injection, Nylon & Metal 3D Printing,NC5 axis machining,powder metallurgy, screen printing die, injection molding, die casting etc. Provide the truly one-stop service for customers at home and abroad.

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